About Us

Maker Global: “Bringing Innovation into Hands through Affordable 3D Printing Products & Services”

Maker Global is fast growing startup founded in March 2016 and it is one of the very few players in the sector to provide indigenous 3D printing products varying from 3D printers to 3D scanners, FDM filaments and SLA resins, all at pocket friendly price tags. While the 3D Printers range from easy-to-use beginner’s hobby level printer to the performance driven, best-in-class industrial 3D printers with high standards. The company even offers 3D scanners, Filaments, 3D objects, Spares and other 3D printing related products. Maker Global supplies suitable kinds of filaments made of ABS, PLA, Wood, Metal fills along with printers. Alongside, the company does the installation and maintenance for setting up 3D printing labs in schools & colleges including installation of 3D printing studios for architectural offices. Maker Global also developed an exclusive syllabus called EDU 3D for educating the school and college kids about 3D printing and to shape their project ideas and inventions using 3D printing technology.

Maker Global even offers various 3D printing technology related services that includes rapid prototyping, 3D scanning, 3D designing and various such services. For instance, MEP Construction, which is into real estate development, was finding it tough to make customers realise the building designs. Maker Global enabled them to develop 3D model of their building plan instead of 2D design plans. The plan was executed for every floor taking very tiny details into account. This received a huge appreciation from the customers and they were delighted to see their future homes in such an engaging manner. Maker Global is on its way to launch its in-house made 3D printer which is expected to be the most affordable in India and also ranked in top 10 3d printing companies in India by Startup city Magazine survey for the year 2016.